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Our purpose

To provide a platform that enables free currency exchange with no fees and no commissions.

You no longer have to pay high fees and commissions to banks, currency exchanges or any other financial institution. We believe that exchanging your hard earned money at the wholesale market rate should be a fundamental right for everybody.

We want to ensure that you get the best currency exchange rate.

Why use Globetrotter Currency?

The simple answer is, because you can save money. It is the only truly free currency exchange platform.

You could exchange your cash at a bank or another currency exchange location, however, you will usually be charged a fee, or a commission, or a combination of both. On top of that, your actual exchange rate is not as good as the wholesale market exchange rate.

The Globetrotter Currency platform connects people from all over the world. It is a person to person foreign currency exchange platform. It gives you the freedom to choose who to exchange with, where to exchange and to set your own currency exchange rate.

It has been designed with safety in mind so you can trust who you are exchanging with. Users can register their accounts with Facebook and LinkedIn so other users can verify another users identity. Also users can write reviews for other users. All of this functionality builds trust so you can confidently exchange your cash with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Free Currency Exchange Near Me

How our currency exchange works

With Globetrotter Currency you either create your own currency exchange request or you can search to find other users currency exchange requests. With our powerful location based search you can easily locate buyers or sellers to exchange with.

You can exchange currency at airports with other passengers while waiting to board your flight. You can exchange currency in major cities around the world where there are lots of tourists. There are no boundaries to where or who you can exchange with.

Our built in conversations module makes it easy to communicate with other users. You can correspond with potential buyers, agree to exchange then arrange a suitable currency exchange location.

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