Find a Currency Exchange near me in Honfleur France!

How do I find a currency exchange near me?

Imagine your walking the streets of New York City and you want to buy some US currency. You could type ‘currency exchange nyc’, or ‘currency exchange near me’ into your search engine. Your search will display a list of Currency Exchange locations in New York City. Then you might look at their opening hours and read some reviews before deciding which one to visit.

Alternatively you can log in to your Globetrotter Currency account and search for people who are exchanging the exact currency you want to buy or sell. You can easily find a person nearby to exchange with. All you have to do is choose your currency then search within a specified distance from your current location. You will instantly see a map containing potential buyers or sellers.

In other words, instead of searching for ‘currency exchange near me’ in every city or destination that you visit, you can now use the same familiar platform to easily locate buyers and sellers that match the currency you wish to exchange.

Free Currency Exchange Near Me

Why are Globetrotter Currency Exchanges free?

Globetrotter Currency does not have any store fronts. You only exchange currency with other people who also use the Globetrotter Currency platform.

Most Currency Exchange places make their money through fees, commission and through adding a percentage on top of the Mid-market rate (Interbank rate). The Mid-market rate is like the wholesale exchange rate that consumers do not get. You can view live Mid-market rates at

Globetrotter Currency allows you to set your own currency exchange rate. By free, we mean you have the option to exchange currency at the wholesale Mid-market rate. The choice is up to you. You also do not have to pay any fees or commissions.


Get Started

To get started simply register for a new account. Once the registration process is complete you begin setting up your user profile.

Search for a Currency Exchange near me

Use our intelligent location based search feature to find other people who are exchanging nearby or within range of any location in the world.

List your own

If you can’t find anyone exchanging your currency at the moment, simply create an exchange record of your own. Then others can perform a search in the future and request to exchange with you.

Chat with other exchangers

Our conversation module allows you to communicate with other exchangers online. Messages will also be sent to your email address so you don’t have to sign in to check for new messages.

Meet up

Now that you are ready to exchange currency it’s time to rendezvous. Simply arrange to meet somewhere, then decide on a date and time that suits both of you.

Write a review

Were you happy with your Globetrotter Currency Exchange experience? Then why not write a good review for the person you exchanged with. It will encourage others to exchange currency with you and also the person you exchanged with.

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